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Sarcoma Team
The sarcoma team at Mount Sinai Medical Center is a group of physicians from different subspecialties that collaborate in the treatment of bone and soft tissue tumors. Each physician has expertise within their own field in the diagnosis and treatment of these tumors. These tumors are rare and often require collaboration between the orthopedic oncologist, musculoskeletal radiologist and pathologist for the proper diagnosis. Patients with these tumors usually require surgery and may also require chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, depending on the type of tumor.

The sarcoma team consists of the orthopedic oncologist, musculoskeletal radiologist, pathologist, medical oncologist, pediatric oncologist, radiation oncologist, pain management physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioner, social workers, and therapists. At Mount Sinai Medical Center, the sarcoma team meets formally every two weeks to discuss patients' treatment plans.

There is also regular communication amongst these physicians regarding the patients. If you are a new patient, you may be referred for consultation to one or several of these physicians.

The orthopedic oncologist is the surgeon who removes the tumor and who specializes in limb-sparing surgery (adult and pediatric). The musculoskeletal radiologist interprets the radiological studies and helps the orthopedic oncologist form a differential diagnosis (what type of tumor it potentially is).

The musculoskeletal radiologist, in collaboration with the orthopedic oncologist, performs percutaneous (minimally invasive) highly accurate core needle biospies of tumors as well as percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of osteoid osteoma and certain symptomatic metastatses.

The pathologist interprets the biopsies in view of the information provided by the radiologist and orthopedic oncologist. It is the pathologist who provides the final diagnosis. The pathologist also studies the tumor once it is removed. The medical oncologist treats patients with malignant tumors. The medical oncologist prescribes the patient's chemotherapy and treats any toxicities related to the chemotherapy.

The pediatric oncologist does the same as the medical oncologist but for the childhood population.

The radiation oncologist evaluates patients for radiation treatment. The radiation oncologist prescribes the doseages and the areas to be treated. The pain management physicians evaluate and treat acute and chronic pain and refractory pain related to the tumor and any treatments.

The sarcoma team also collaborates in research projects and publications concerning bone and soft tissue tumors.
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