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New Pediatric Sarcoma Clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center

New York, NY (May 8, 2008) The new Pediatric Sarcoma Clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center is a multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted and multi-lingual Clinic directed by James C. Wittig, MD, Chief, Orthopaedic Oncology and Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery and Birte Wistinghausen, MD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Director of Pediatric Sarcomas and COG Protocols (Division of Pediatric Oncology).

"The unique strength of the Clinic lies in the ability to bring together healthcare professionals from many fields to address the diverse needs of our pediatric patient's health at once - from diagnosis to treatment," states Dr. Wittig. "Our Sarcoma Team consists of myself (a Orthopaedic Oncologist/Sarcoma Surgeon); Sri Vatti, MD (Musculoskeletal Radiology); George Hermann, MD (Musculoskeletal Radiology); Roberto Garcia, MD (Pathology) Alan Schiller, MD (Pathology); Birte Wistinghausen, MD. (Pediatric Oncology); Stuart Packer, MD (Medical Oncology); and Jamie Cesaretti, MD (Radiation Oncology). We meet regularly to work together to plan and provide all aspects of each child's care."

The Clinic and its members also participate in all the National Children's Oncology Group (COG) recommendations. "The COG has set chemotherapy protocols for Osteosarcomas, Ewing's Sarcomas, Rhabdomyosarcomas and all other Pediatric Sarcomas." Dr. Wistinghausen notes, "There is an absolute need to adhere to the COG guidelines for pediatrics in order to standardize treatment throughout the country."

In addition to the expertise of all the healthcare professionals and guidelines followed by the COG, the Clinic offers social work support for uninsured children to assist with arranging medical coverage - including emergency Medicaid.

"Sarcomas are a rare group of cancerous tumors that most commonly affect the muscoskeletal system. They require a complex, multi-disciplinary diagnostic and treatment approach that usually includes chemotherapy, specialized limb sparing surgery and occasionally radiation therapy. The new Pediatric Sarcoma Clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center is well suited to address the needs of all those children affected by sarcomas," explains Dr. Wittig.

The Pediatric Sarcoma Clinic at Mount Sinai Medical Center is located at Madison Avenue at 100th Street, Annenberg Building, 4th Floor, New York, NY. For urgent consultations, please contact Dr. Wittig at 212-241-1807 or Dr. Wistinghausen at 212-241-7022.

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