dr james c wittig, orthopedic oncologist, new york, new jersey

NYU Teacher of the Year

New York, NY (PRWEB) July 15, 2007 - James C. Wittig, MD, Assistant Professor of Orthopedic Oncology at New York University School of Medicine, NYU Medical Center and the Hospital for Joint Diseases, has been named NYU's Teacher of the Year. Selected by medical students from more than 120 orthopedic surgeons at NYU, Dr. Wittig was named Teacher of the Year for his 'dedication, passion, devotion to patient care and interaction, resident education and research and surgical technique,' and described by his students, particularly Sam Sanders, MD, Paul Lafferty, MD, Kevin Kaplan, MD and Brian Neri, MD as 'exemplifying everything a Teacher of the Year should be."

As part of the nomination, Dr. Lafferty praised Dr. Wittig's unmatched accessibility to patients and students, and described a time when Dr. Wittig performed surgery on an 18 month old boy who suffered with a benign aggressive tumor of the elbow. Under Dr. Wittig's surgical expertise and medical care, the child was able to retain upper extremity function and looks forward to a normal, healthy life. In addition, Dr. Sanders noted that patients, even those with the most serious medical issues, are easily put at ease by the way Dr. Wittig speaks with them. His dedication and passion does not stop with his patients, but goes beyond. In addition to focusing on his patient's needs, he is as passionate about educating his residents utilizing a wide array of resources including a section of his website exclusively for orthopedic residents which includes "multiple videos/power point presentations and electronic versions of his lecture series as well as personally e-mailing interesting cases to the residents every two weeks."

Although there are many priorities that make up Dr. Wittig's day, Dr. Neri makes it clear that Dr. Wittig is "...consistent and unwavering in his priority of training residents." One of the key reasons Dr. Kaplan believes that Dr. Wittig deserves the Teacher of the Year award is for the way he has shown 'residents how to be a "complete doctor" whether in his office consulting with patients, in the operating room teaching as he performs surgery or being available to his residents even on limited personal time.

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