orthopedic residency
Orthopedic Residents
Distal Humerus Giant Cell Tumor Resection
Osteosarcoma Proximal Humerus
Total Scapula Prosthesis Ewings Sarcoma
Sacral Chordoma Cryosurgery
Sciatic Schwannoma Peripheral Nerve Sheath
Radiofrequency Ablation of an Osteoid Osteoma
Chondrosarcoma of the Proximal Femur: Limb-Sparing Resection and Prosthetic Reconstruction
Limb-Sparing Total Scapula and Proximal Humerus (Tikhoff-Linberg) Resection and Reconstruction
Radical Resection and Reconstruction with a Distal Femur Tumor Prosthesis
Limb-Sparing Resection with a Prosthesis and Soft Tissue Reconstruction
Radical Resection of the Distal Humerus and Reconstruction with a Distal Humerus Tumor Prosthesis
Radical Sacrectomy and Reconstruction for a High-Grade Primary Sarcoma of the Sacrum
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