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Cryosurgery is used as an adjunct to surgery. It is a specialized technique that only a handful of surgeons in the country know how to perform. It utilizes liquid nitrogen to freeze a tumor cavity to sub zero temperatures in order to kill microscopic tumor cells and reduce the chances of the tumor coming back. It is used most commonly for benign aggressive tumors (giant cell tumor, aneurysmal bone cysts, chondroblastoma, chondromyxofibroma, desmoplastic fibroma, osteoblastoma) and for low grade cartilage tumors (chondrosarcomas) and chordomas of the sacrum. In general, these tumors are curetted (scooped out from the bone). If just scooped out of the bone, there is a 30%-70% chance of the tumor returning and causing more destruction of the bone potentially requiring removal of the bone and reconstruction with a prosthesis or even occasionally requiring an amputation. Once a tumor comes back once, it may come back multiple times.

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