Patient Testimonials, Dr. James Wittig, Orthopedic Oncologist, New York
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I have a disorder called NEUROFIBROMATOSIS. My right leg was severely affected with it, to the point that it was difficult to stand and walk. I needed to find a doctor that would help me. From the moment I spoke with Dr. Wittig I knew I had found the right doctor. Dr. Wittig was honest and caring and kind. After viewing the films he felt that for me the best thing would be to have my leg amputated, so I wouldn't have the pain I had in walking. Of course, that was hard to hear and he was honest with me and let me know that he wouldn't know till he went into surgery if the amputation would be below or above the knee. Luckily, he was able to do it below the knee. He never kept anything from me about my condition or my surgeries. After the amputation, I had to have a wound cleaning and skin graft done. He did a great job with both surgeries. The first was on Oct 14th, 2005 and the follow-up surgery in Dec. 05. Since 06 I'm walking with my new leg and pain free. This July 11th Dr. Wittig removed another very large NF tumor from my left hip. Again he did a great job. I have a normal hip now. He made me "A NEW WOMAN", as he says. I pray that he stays at Hackensack. Whether you're a young girl or boy, woman or man, whatever your name is that is who you are to him. You're not just a case file. He's kind and caring and treats you with respect. I would recommend him to anyone.

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