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A writer with multiple hereditary exostoses

About 4 months or so ago I posted about my femur at . I'm thrilled to say that on Tuesday, I had surgery to remove the exostoses and it couldn't have gone better. I wrote a bit about it at .

Dr. Wittig does bone tumor removals routinely, and he was extremely knowledgeable about my condition. He has a superb bedside manner and also does pediatrics as well! I'm very glad to have found him. The actual surgery was incredibly fascinating; I opted for a spinal so I could stay awake and hear everything. The surgery took about 70 minutes and the lumpies were removed. What's 'way 'way cool to me, however, is that the day after, I was able to hobble about on crutches, and today, I'm able to move with much more ease. I'll be taking it gently, of course, and plan on spending most of today quietly... but wow, am I glad to have this over! If you are considering surgery for MHE, I give Dr. Wittig two thumbs up.

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